Barbara Bettle was sadly taken by Suicide in 2015. 
Barbara was a lovely person with a loving family, daughter, loads of friends and an all-round good person. 

Barbara was in full time employment, was a member of various volunteer organisations and was a massive Evertonian and it was never expected that she would have taken her own life. The impact of her death had devastating impact on family, friends, work colleagues and friends in general, all in absolute shock that something like this would happen to Barbara.

We know Barbara's case is similar to many in people are left in total shock and are left to adapt to a world without this person.


This foundation aims to help those people and also work to prevent suicides were possible. Do you know that people are 3 times more likely to have a recurrent suicide in the family after a suicide?

All services are delivered to support both individuals and families and aim to save lives in Barbara's memory.