Suicide Prevention in the Liverpool City Region

The Barbara Bettle Foundation aims to support Liverpool community members who have experienced bereavement through suicide. We have utilised research that shows the benefits of prevention, intervention and postvention. We aim to do this by:

  • Prevention: Raising awareness of suicide within our communities and increasing our community’s understanding response to suicide crises via our ASIST workshops.

  • Intervention: By providing ASIST workshops, we train members of our community with the skills to support those in crises, keeping them “safe for now”.

  • The Suicide Aware Mark: We believe this can be most effective by installing ASIST practitioners within all business sectors. We aim to provide “Suicide Aware” accreditation to businesses who show a commitment to suicide awareness, understanding of suicide, intervention and support after suicide.

  • Postvention: Providing fully-funded CBT and counselling to those who have been bereaved by suicide.

What is ASIST? 

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training is a comprehensive, interactive and evidence-based 2-day workshop recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It aims to teach participants skills to recognise and support the immediate safety of people who may be experiencing thoughts of suicide.




  • Who can attend the workshop?

    • Anyone over the age of 16 can partake in these workshops.

  • How many people will be the in workshop?

    • ASIST workshops work best with a minimum of 20 participants. We can train up to 30 participants per workshop.

  • What resources are included?

    • Participant booklet

    • Community Helpers handout

    • Certificate of ASIST trained first aid caregiver. 

  • Who runs the workshops?

    • Our therapists, Deborah and Pamela, completed a “Training the Trainers” workshop in 2019. They are LivingWorks registered trainers.

  • How often does The Barbara Bettle Foundation run ASIST workshops?

    • The view is to run the workshops every month. This may be revised if demand for the workshops increases.

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